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Bada AG

Booth number: Hall 2 23B27

About us

Bada AG was established in 1997 in Bühl, Germany. We develop, produce and sell high quality special compounds based on technical polymers.

We are your reliable and flexible partner for high quality compounds, no matter if you are looking for halogen and phosphorous-free flame retardant compounds with UL listing, solutions for metal substitution, lightweight construction for the mobility sector, or if your application requires enhanced tribology. Our portfolio includes engineering plastics (PA, PBT, POM, PC, PP, ABS, ASA including Blends) and high temperature materials (PPA, PA46, PEEK, PPS), as well as a broad range of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE-S, TPE-E, TPU & TPV).

Bada AG achieves all colour adjustments on the basis of organic dyes and inorganic pigments. It provides us the flexibility to precisely meet the desired colour shade.

Numerous new product solutions are waiting for you! Visit us at our booth 2.3 B27.

Products and services

Bada AG (Bühl/Germany) develops, produces and sells following high quality special and standard compounds based on technical plastics: 

  • BADAMID - Polyamide PA6, PA6.6, PA6. 6/6, PA6/6T, PPA, PA4.6, PA10T, PA12, PA612, PA610 
  • BADATRON PPS - high-performance compounds based on polyphenylene sulfide 
  • BADATECH HT product line forms the top of the plastics pyramid and unites all common high temperature polymers in one product group, e.g. PEEK.
  • BADADUR PBT - polybutylene terephthalate 
  • BADALAC ABS - ABS based specialties and blends
  • BADAFLEX TPE-S - thermoplastic elastomers based on styrol block copolymers
  • BADAFLEX TPE-E - thermoplastic elastomers based on polyester
  • BADAFLEX TPU - thermoplastic elastomers based on polyester-polyurethane
  • BADAPRENE TPV - partly crosslinked thermoplastic elastomers based on EPDM/PP blends.
  • BADAFORM POM - thermoplastic materials based on the polyoxymethylene copolymer
  • BADALON – polycarbonate
  • BADAPROP - polypropylene

All products are also available in any requested color.



Badamid is a product group which includes thermoplastic construction materials based on polyamide (PA6, PA6.6, copolyamide PA6.6/6 and partly aromatic PA6/PA6T. Besides their exceptional mechanical strength and high thermal resistance, polyamides also demonstrate good toughness at low temperatures and favourable friction and abrasion behaviour. Advanced modifications to customer specification in respect of reinforcement, toughness, flammability and colour can be realized with excellent results.

Badatron PPS

Badatron PPS

The Badatron PPS product line comprises high-performance compounds based on polyphenylene sulfide. GF&CF-Reinforced Badatron PPS is well suited for parts exposed to aggressive media and extreme thermal stress due to its extremely high heat distortion temperatures beyond 250°C. Badatron PPS is the ideal material for all precision parts due to its high dimensional stability. Filler contents up to 65% ensure highest rigidity and strength, making Badatron PPS a weight-saving alternative to metal.

Badaflex TPE

Badaflex TPE

The Badaflex product line includes thermoplastic elastomers with different bases. Almost all products feature pleasant haptics, maximum toughness, elasticity and low temperature flexibility (@ -50°C), very good ozone and weather proofness. The Badaflex group is available in coloured and transparent nuances. Badaflex- compounds can be varied in hardness from Shore 10A to 60D. Heat-and UV-resistant, fire-retardant, odour-reduced, etc. compounds can be adjusted to the customer’s requirements


Bada AG
Untere Strut 1
77815 Bühl

Phone: +49 7223 940770
Fax: +49 7223 9407766

Evgeniy Sabirov
Technical Sales / Market Development CIS and Eastern Europe
Phone: +49 173 2901941

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