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AZO COMPONENTER® Step - Automatic weighing of minor and micro components

The AZO COMPONENTER® Step makes it possible to weigh minor and micro components automati­cally with gram accuracy, such as pigments, colourings, flavouring agents, additives, active agents and numerous other micro quantities. The system improves product safety while simultaneously boosting...

Exhibitor: AZO GmbH + Co. KG


Our Newsletter BEKUMnews offers current information about blow moulding technology for customers, partners and employees. We are pleased to present you the latest developments from our company in this issue.

Exhibitor: BEKUM Maschinenfabriken GmbH

Industry 4.0

To Coperion and Coperion K-Tron Industry 4.0 or the Internet of Things means detailed solutions to issues such as remote maintenance (telemaintenance) and product tracking as well as other trendsetting approaches along the entire process chain. Their special focus is control systems and control...

Exhibitor: Coperion GmbH

NEW: 60 micron rigid filter drum for Ettlinger Continuous Melt Filter

Since 2004, Ettlinger has been changing the way companies’ approach their waste streams. Materials previously seen as too highly contaminated or containing stubborn contaminates are now creating tremendous value by having the right melt filter in place. The sheet, film, fiber and...

Exhibitor: Ettlinger Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH

M100 - Revolutionary tiltbed technology with up to 50% more output

The tilt bed line “M100” is a consequent improvement the newest model of the well-known and advanced GABLER tilt bed technology. It combines more than 25 years of experience and innovations with state of the art technology. With this new development GABLER is making another step to...

Exhibitor: GABLER Thermoform GmbH & Co. KG

New type of Geiss thermoforming machines Ts1

The new type of thermoforming machines Geiss - Ts1 is the next generation of the Geiss U8. This machine covers the plate range from 1000x600mm to 1500x1000mm and is designed similar to the T10 with completely motorized drives of the machine table, clamping frame, plug assist, heaters, sheet...

Exhibitor: GEISS AG

Brand new Geiss trimming machine CNC10

The brand new Geiss trimming machine CNC10 came just 3 months ago to the market! This machine is a new development of Geiss trimming machines with the highest performance and all the experience of Geiss in producing trimming machines over the last 35 years. Like the forerunner, machine of...

Exhibitor: GEISS AG

ZE 28 BluePower twin-screw extruder - technological edge for R & D applications and small batch production

With the extensive modular range of barrel sections and screw components, the ZE 28 BluePower laboratory extruder is a future-oriented machine for all research and development tasks. It also pro-vides a significantly larger processing window for small batch production with the screw diameter of...

Exhibitor: KraussMaffei Berstorff GmbH

ZE 28 BluePower twin-screw extruder - technological edge for R & D applications and small batch production

With the extensive modular range of barrel sections and screw components, the ZE 28 BluePower laboratory extruder is a future-oriented machine for all research and development tasks. It also pro-vides a significantly larger processing window for small batch production with the screw diameter of...

Exhibitor: KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH

Kurtz FOAMER – Shape Moulding Machines for EPS, EPP, EPE and E-TPU

No matter whether shuttle, in-mould skinning, lost foam applications or for parts with inserts – no limits are set on the production of mouldings with the Kurtz FOAMER shape moulding machines. With the support of our intelligent handling and automation systems potentials for increased...

Exhibitor: Kurtz GmbH

Kurtz BLOCK FOAMER – Block Moulds for EPS

Kurtz block mould plants fulfill highest technological standards and stand for a maximum flexibility. - Adjustable block dimensions (length and width) - Maximum productivity and quality - Reproducible quality - Short cycle times The Kurtz BLOCK FOAMER was developed for foaming of EPS-blocks...

Exhibitor: Kurtz GmbH

Kurtz Pre-Expanders for EPS and EPP

Kurtz pre-expanders are the basis for the processing of particle foams guaranteeing evenly foamed products in superb quality. - For the processing of EPS and EPP material - Flexible adaption to all requirements - Reliable control and reproducibility - Reduced material logistics Economic...

Exhibitor: Kurtz GmbH

MIA - motan innovation award

The award for ideas that are just too good to be forgotten. Ideas are the sparks that fly when forward-looking thinkers put their heads together. Left to languish in a drawer, they have no chance of inspiring people – and no opportunity of making their mark on the world. Fostering innovation,...

Exhibitor: motan-colortronic gmbh

SPECTROFLEX V – The new volumetric dosing unit with flexible exchange system

Whether powder, pellets, regrind, granulate, flakes or fibers – the new SPECTROFLEX V is the volumetric dosing unit for continuous processes, designed for many different applications. Should material colour, flow properties or grain size change, than motan´s unique exchange system offers a simple...

Exhibitor: motan-colortronic gmbh

METROCONNECT U/C – motan-colortronic’s new coupling system Coded material assignment with RFID-technology

With the new METROCONNECT U/C coupling system, motan-colortronic is introducing a high quality, manually operated coupling station for pneumatic conveying systems, optionally as either an uncoded version (METROCONNECT U), or as a coded version (METROCONNECT C) with the maintenance free...

Exhibitor: motan-colortronic gmbh


CONTROLnet ist ein integriertes Steuerungskonzept zur Bedienung, Überwachung und Verwaltung aller Schritte des Rohmaterialhandlings. Es bietet Ihnen eine völlig neue Möglichkeit in der Anlagensteuerung und hilft Ihnen, die ständig steigenden Anforderungen an Produktqualität und Kosteneffizienz zu...

Exhibitor: motan-colortronic gmbh

Ready for Industrie 4.0

OPC-UA (Open Platform Communications – Unified Architecture) is not only considered an important step towards a standard for industrial communication between the machines that is independent of producers and platforms, but also a trend-setting element of changing automation structures. It runs on...

Exhibitor: motan-colortronic gmbh

Central conveying - Powder conveying | Granulate conveying

motan is a world leading supplier of complex centralised material feed systems. Each system is designed to suit the customer by taking into account individual factors such as throughput, materials types, and plant layout. A wide selection of loaders with a variety of conveying options, controls,...

Exhibitor: motan-colortronic gmbh


For the production of free-flowing granules with high bulk density from film waste, Pallmann offers the Plast- Agglomerator System, series PFV. The granules are produced with hardly any thermal stress and can be re- used afterwards. The machine can be fully automatically started from a cold...

Exhibitor: Pallmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.KG

Pulverizing Systems

PALLMANN pulverizing systems, with disc mills, type PKM and type PKMM are used for the pulverization of granules from thermoplastics and other heat-sensitive plastic materials into powders for the rotational moulding industry. The quality powders so produced distinguish themselves by means of...

Exhibitor: Pallmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.KG

Blood collection tube assembly machine

R+E has developed a fully automatic assembly line to assemble evacuated blood collection tubes with different tube sizes. The capacity of the basic line configuration is 200 parts/minute and it carries out all process from the feeding and sorting of the single tubes and the caps/closures, the...

Exhibitor: R+E Automation Technology GmbH

EVOLUTION Ultra Flat - Haul-off

“Imagine you could run your press at full speed with perfect print quality.” The EVOLUTION Ultra Flat haul-off enables: - higher processing performance on printing, slitting and laminating through reduced bagginess and camber as well superior fl atness - minimal additional investment cost -...

Exhibitor: Reifenhäuser Blown Film GmbH

SIKORA is launching optical offline inspection and analyzing system PURITY CONCEPT V

Intelligent combination of light table and automatic material control PURITY CONCEPT V (Visual) from SIKORA is an innovative offline system for optical inspection and analysis of transparent and colored plastic pellets by means of an intelligent light table. The material to be tested moves...

Exhibitor: SIKORA AG

Thermal Bonding Technique for XPS- multi layer boards

The SMB Thermal bonding station enables the full-faced welding of two XPS-boards to one homogeneous 2-layer board with double thickness. The station can be integrated directly (or in a by-pass) into existing or new planed XPS production lines. As well it is possible to use the Thermal bonding...

Exhibitor: SMB-DAVID finishing lines GmbH

New Cutting Technology for PUR/PIR Processing

Reduction of sawdust is a very important issue, especially in PUR / PIR machining. In comparison to other hard foams, the waste chips can not be returned to the process, but must be specially recycled. Specially by production of PUR/PIR L-profile panels the new (and already used several times)...

Exhibitor: SMB-DAVID finishing lines GmbH

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