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About us

Founded: 1986
Employees: 140
Based in: Bochum / Germany
Product range: Planetary roller extruders/-mixers,
cooling conveyors,
calender rolls, nap rolls, film production lines, dosing
units and stuffing devices, etc.
Development: More than 135 patents and utility
patents (processing and production technique)
Sale: worldwide

Products and services

- dosing units - stuffing devices - smoothing rolls -
calandrettes -thermo-calender rollers - film production
lines für PVC and polyolefine - calender processing
lines as single-stage and two-stage type with output
rates between 100 and 12.000 kg/h. - pelletizing
systems with a capacity from 100 to 5.000 kg/h. -
elastomer processing lines for the calender and profile
sector at throughput rates from 50 to 6.000 kg/h. - duroplastic processing lines with a capacity from 50 to
4.000 kg/h. - laboratory roller extruder - compounding
units for the food and pharmaceutical industry in the
capacity range from 20 - 10.000 kg/h. - special
processing lines made to customer´s specifications

TP-WE 250/2000-M2

Planetary Roller Extruder with dosing units for fresh material and recycling material for furniture films.

TP-WE 250/1000-M1

Planetary Roller Extruder with twin stuffing device for quick change batches.

Calender Roller 863X4000 WOB

Calender Roller for processing PVC

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