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GABLER Thermoform is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of thermoforming machines for the food and beverage packaging industry.

Our range of machineries allows the customer to process and manufacture every kind of product taking care of best quality, highest output and efficiency.

These targets are achieved considering the need to save material and energy costs. Our expertise varies from the integration of
thermoforming machines with sheet extrusion lines on one side and all sort of automation and handling after the products are formed on the other side.

The GABLER portfolio includes the popular M-line machines, suitable for cup and bowls production, in various sizes and for different outputs.

These are rounded up by the FOCUS-line modular machine concept, very flexible in terms of tool-change time and product range. The portfolio is completed by the VARIUS suitable for high outputs in the tray and lid business and our flexible SWING for small outputs.

Products and services

Focus-line: Multi-Station machines in modular concept for highest flexibility. M-line: The product range of topclass thermoforming machines in tilting technology. Ideal for the economical manufacture of light weight drinking cups and production of high quality cups with
sealing rim. Varius: High output machine for lids and containers using steel rule technology. Three different thermoforming processes are available: Combined forming and punching with steel rule die; Separate forming and punching; Combined forming and punching. Swing: Small thermoforming machine for the flexible production of cups, bowls and lids.

GABLER Focus 80

GABLER Focus 80 - Solution for the processing of packages for cakes, salads, flower containers and chocolate trays.
The flexible multi-station machine for Maximum economy with a modular design. With this concept, the features of the machine can be ideally adapted to particular customer requirements. The Focus 80 is of special interest for medium-sized production series.


Swing - the most compact and flexible trim-inplace machine
The Swing is an ideal entry level model. Automatic thermoforming machine for cups, lids and trays up to 160 mm drawing depth.

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Carsten Mai
Area Sales Manager
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News & Innovations

M100 - Revolutionary tiltbed technology with up to 50% more output

The tilt bed line “M100” is a consequent improvement the newest model of the well-known and advanced GABLER tilt bed technology. It combines more than 25 years of experience and innovations with state of the art technology. With this new development GABLER is making another step to strengthen their position in the market and provide the customers with a solution that which is will be a big step into the thermoforming future.

The highlights of the new M100 at a glance:

  • Considerable increases in forming area size and clamping force
  • State-of-the-art drive system
  • User-friendly HMI touchscreen
  • Reverse-stacker automation
  • SpeedFlow forming air system
  • Innovative production monitoring function
  • Process optimization with improved function

These features result in an increased output up to 50% when running most common products, while using similar floor space and energy to smaller machines. This presents new opportunities for customers to reduce production cost. The M100 ensures that GABLER continues to lead the industry by building the biggest tilt bed machinery, always with unbeaten reliability and output.

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