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Kurtz GmbH is your competent partner for efficient particle foam processing. Already in 1971 we started the production of particle foam machines. Since then we have been experts in machines for the production of shape mouldings made of EPS, EPP, EPE and E-TPU.

In 47 years we have been building on enormous process knowledge. However, there are applications requiring special solutions. Exactly for such special fields of application Kurtz offers a comprehensive range of machines designed to exactly meet our customer‘s requirements. We do not see our machines as pure production facilities. We rather focus on the optimisation of the production process. Over the years Kurtz has developed many procedures and applied them for patent respectively utility model.

Products and services

Kurtz offers the entire product range for the processing of particle foam materials starting from individual machines such as pre-expanders, shape moulding machines, block moulds and cutting lines to associated infrastructure and supply of process media. Solutions with focus on 4.0 ensure high productivity, process reliability and efficiency. State-of-the-art technology provide the decisive advantage for our customers. Our portfolio is supplemented by the Kurtz Services – from the planning of a complete production plant to commissioning and servicing.
Kurtz VSD 3000 Pre-Expander for EPP

Kurtz Pre-Expanders are high quality machines developed for automatic pre-expansion of expandable polypropylene (EPP) which had been continuously improved and developed further based on the experience of many years and on regular exchange with raw material suppliers. They convince by high productivity, quality and reliability helping EPP-processors to be less dependent on price increases on EPP raw material and energy.

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Maximum flexibility for your block production!

The Kurtz BLOCK FOAMER is your answer for a successful EPS block processing. It is also available as flex version with continuous width adjustment. Adjustment possibilities for block length and width for vertical and horizontal block moulds.

Kurtz BLOCK FOAMER – easy operation, maintenance and repeatable quality.

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Kurtz PRO FOAMER shape moulding machine for EPS and EPP

Kurtz PRO FOAMER shape moulding machines are the ne plus ultra of shape moulding production. They are used in high-end EPS processing and in EPP processing. Combined with elements of the Kurtz i-PRO technology, these machines meet highest demands and guarantee quality, best productivity and energy efficiency in the production.

Fields of application:
- EPP processing (up to 5 bar)
- Dual density function
- In-mould skinning of mouldings
- Skin moulding

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News & Innovations

Kurtz FOAMER – Shape Moulding Machines for EPS, EPP, EPE and E-TPU
No matter whether shuttle, in-mould skinning, lost foam applications or for parts with inserts – no limits are set on the production of mouldings with the Kurtz FOAMER shape moulding machines.

With the support of our intelligent handling and automation systems potentials for increased efficiency are raised ensuring a short ROI. E.g.
- Semi or fully automatically operated removal of mouldings
- Individually adapted material flow concept
- Quality check, marking, stacking, packing

EPS and EPP shape mouldings produced on Kurtz machines offer versatile protection for man and the environment – in the form of helmets and protectors for cyclists or in the form of lightweight construction parts for automotive which reduce the consumptions and in turn the emissions.
Kurtz FOAMER machines also produce packaging for food, white goods, electrical devices and furniture so that they arrive at their place of use freshly and without damage.
Moreover, Kurtz FOAMER machines enable the production of high-quality EPS mouldings for thermal insulation. Even panels for complete roofs can be produced automatically via a planning software on Kurtz machines.

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Fields of application: Automotive industry, construction and packaging, sports & leisure and many more.
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Kurtz BLOCK FOAMER – Block Moulds for EPS
Kurtz block mould plants fulfill highest technological standards and stand for a maximum flexibility.

- Adjustable block dimensions (length and width)
- Maximum productivity and quality
- Reproducible quality
- Short cycle times

The Kurtz BLOCK FOAMER was developed for foaming of EPS-blocks in a revolutionary way. It convinces by its innovative process control, high productivity, utmost quality and reliability. The new inside covers of the block mold made of extra light weight Ultra steel screens (USS = metal sheets) enables easy cleaning, is extremely facilitated and a homogenous steam distribution can be reached.

Top-Block-Quality by up-to-date control system

The modern BLOCK FOAMER control systems convinces by flexible programming of steam – and stabilization processes. All six sides of the block mold can be controlled independently from each other. Due to permanent control and automatic self-tuning of the whole foaming process shortest cycle times as well as an optimal block quality can be guaranteed. A single steam modulating valve enables a quick and exact electronic flow control. The solid construction of the whole block mold allows the production of blocks even in the extreme density range of 8-70 g/l. Process graphs on screen show the visualised cycle process including just-in-time quality of the block by comparison of actual and target data.

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Kurtz Pre-Expanders for EPS and EPP
Kurtz pre-expanders are the basis for the processing of particle foams guaranteeing evenly foamed products in superb quality.

- For the processing of EPS and EPP material
- Flexible adaption to all requirements
- Reliable control and reproducibility
- Reduced material logistics

Economic Advantages

Kurtz Pre-Expanders guarantee a high degree of automation, reliable control and reproducibility as well as an evenly expanded product. Together with a simple operation they bring distinct economic advantages. The demands of processors for shorter cycle and intermediate storage times as well as legal requirements in specific countries have lead to the development of fast cooling and low-pentane materials with only 3-4% pentane content. Kurtz recognized this trend very early on and developed the right machinery to satisfy these requirements.

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