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The motan group is a leading global provider of peripheral units and systems for the handling of bulk solids. We deliver solutions for a wide range of markets. Our offering is based on in-depth expertise, spanning the entire process chain. We develop solutions for plastics manufacturers and processors. Our systems are tailored to real-world applications, helping to improve our customers’ efficiency, productivity and competitiveness. Our organisation is both global and local, with a structure that means we are always exactly where you need us: close at hand. What’s more, you benefit from systems engineered to meet your specific challenges. We go far beyond conventional materials handling solutions. Find out what motan can do for your process chain!

Products and services

motan-colortronic offers peace of mind by delivering individual products or entire systems for all your materials handling needs – from storage, to crystallisation, from drying to blending and dosing, from conveying to control and instrumentation. What’s more, our modular products and systems are designed to work in harmony with one another. And can be combined and integrated in line with your needs. Dosing and Mixing: Perfectly blended, consistent quality - Drying: Lower costs, higher-quality drying Crystallising: Energy-saving systems, reliable longterm operation - Conveying: Automatic conveying, greater productivity - Controls: Intelligent control network, total visibility - Storage: Sophisticated storage solutions, efficient utilisation of raw materials

Dry air dryer LUXOR EM A

Both the LUXOR E A and LUXOR EM A dryers with optional ETA plus® energy saving technology are specifically designed to supply consistently low dew-point air to one drying bin, while reducing energy consumption.
The LUXOR E A dryer is designed for use with existing conveying systems or hopper loaders.
Whereas the LUXOR EM A offers a machine dedicated solution with integrated dry air conveying for up to two processing machines and the drying bin.

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The demand for excellent mixing quality and consistently accurate dosing is a must when combining additives to the virgin material at the processing machine.
The volumetric MINICOLOR V dosing and mixing units meet and exceed these requirements. Mounted at the feed throat of the plastics processing machine, the units require very little space.
Depending on need and requirement, screw or disc dosing modules can be installed at the mixing neck.

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The METRO HES/MES single phase loader range enables processors to automate a key area of the production process cost effectively, bringing significant benefits of improved efficiency and process management.
Plastic granulate is conveyed quickly and cleanly to a processing machine hopper, a drying bin or a day bin. Material is delivered exactly when needed, keeping machines running and avoiding costly downtime. Material wastage is eliminated and the workspace is kept clean and safe.

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News & Innovations

METROCONNECT U/C – motan-colortronic’s new coupling system Coded material assignment with RFID-technology
With the new METROCONNECT U/C coupling system, motan-colortronic is introducing a high quality, manually operated coupling station for pneumatic conveying systems, optionally as either an uncoded version (METROCONNECT U), or as a coded version (METROCONNECT C) with the maintenance free RFIDtechnology. The main benefit: The uncoded version can be retro-fitted to a coded version at any time. Additionally, older coupling systems can be extended with METROCONNECT C independent of manufacturer. Not only do coded coupling stations prevent coupling errors, they are often necessary if material tracking, validation, or certification is required. In machine dedicated conveying systems, every single processing machine is assigned a conveying material feedline. The connection of the pipe to the different material sources occurs via a coupling station, which enables simple and flexible material changes.
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SPECTROFLEX V – The new volumetric dosing unit with flexible exchange system
Whether powder, pellets, regrind, granulate, flakes or fibers – the new SPECTROFLEX V is the volumetric dosing unit for continuous processes, designed for many different applications. Should material colour, flow properties or grain size change, than motan´s unique exchange system offers a simple way to swap materials without the need of tools in under a minute. The single- and double-screw exchange modules as well as the easy-to-clean supply hopper allow for fast and easy material changes and so reduces production downtime. A further advantage: the material loader mounted on the cover of the supply hopper does not have to be removed during the material change. Resulting in higher efficiency and shorter downtimes in your production.
The new SPECTROFLEX V dosing unit is the cost-efficient option for continuous processes with a networkcompatible control and can be ordered as of now.

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MIA - motan innovation award
The award for ideas that are just too good to be forgotten.

Ideas are the sparks that fly when forward-looking thinkers put their heads together. Left to languish in a drawer, they have no chance of inspiring people – and no opportunity of making their mark on the world.

Fostering innovation, inspiring the industry – these are the goals of the motan innovation award (mia). It is advertised internationally every two years. Ideas relating to material handling in plastics production and processing are wanted. The prize money of 20,000 euro in total should motivate everyone to come up with an idea who is interested in plastics and their applications, whether employees, professionals, or students in the areas plant construction, process technology or material science.
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