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The motan group based in Constance was founded in 1947. As leading provider for sustainable raw material handling, they operate in the areas injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion and compounding. Innovative, modular system solutions for storage, drying and crystallisation, conveying, dosing, and mixing of raw materials for the plastics manufacturing and processing industries are part of the application orientated product range. Production takes place at different production sites in Germany, India, and China. motan-colortronic distribute their products and system solutions via their regional centres. With over 500 employees currently, a yearly turnover of roughly 128 million euros is achieved. Because of their network and long-standing experience, motan can offer their customers what they really need: Individually tailored solutions with real added value.

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motan-colortronic offers peace of mind by delivering individual products or entire systems for all your materials handling needs – from storage, to crystallisation, from drying to blending and dosing, from conveying to control and instrumentation. What’s more, our modular products and systems are designed to work in harmony with one another. And can be combined and integrated in line with your needs. Dosing and Mixing : Perfectly blended, consistent quality - Drying : Lower costs, higher-quality drying Crystallising : Energy-saving systems, reliable longterm operation - Conveying : Automatic conveying, greater productivity - Controls : Intelligent control network, total visibility - Storage : Sophisticated storage solutions, efficient utilisation of raw materials

METRO G is the most comprehensive and flexible material loader range on the market. It combines the best of two established material loader ranges – colortronic and motan. Whether simple or highly complex, METRO G’s modular building block system will provide you with an individual solution tailored to your needs.

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LUXOR 50 / 80

Easily expandable

No product redundancy – as your production requirements change so does the drying station.

Because of a fully modular concept and a wide range of products, motan can react flexibly to all your process specific demands. Different sized dry air generators and material bins with integrated heaters allow for easy expansion. As your production requirements change, so does the drying station.

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GRAVICOLOR doses and mixes up to six materials precisely and with maximum recipe accuracy. These modular gravimetric units are designed for injection, blow moulding and extrusion and provide throughputs up to 2200 kg/h.

Independent of recipes, materials, or the operational environment, IntelliBlend analyses all process data achieving the best possible operating point at any time through continuous self-optimisation. Recipe integrity results in excellent and consistent product quality.

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News & Innovations

Central conveying - Powder conveying | Granulate conveying
motan is a world leading supplier of complex centralised material feed systems. Each system is designed to suit the customer by taking into account individual factors such as throughput, materials types, and plant layout. A wide selection of loaders with a variety of conveying options, controls, blowers, and filter techniques allow the creation of the optimum system for the customer’s facility.
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Ready for Industrie 4.0
OPC-UA (Open Platform Communications – Unified Architecture) is not only considered an important step towards a standard for industrial communication between the machines that is independent of producers and platforms, but also a trend-setting element of changing automation structures. It runs on even the smallest systems due to its scalability and enables the communication of motan units with the superordinate MES system (Manufacturing Execution System), as well as enabling a data exchange between machine and periphery.

The controls software provides all the relevant data, such as the availability of material, the most important parameters of the material data, and the energy consumption of the system, in order to optimise the system as a whole according to the individual specifications of the customer. The comparison of data that is consistently available, partially in real time, as well as a high degree of flexibility helps us provide forward-looking service and greater efficiency of the entire system.

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CONTROLnet ist ein integriertes Steuerungskonzept zur Bedienung, Überwachung und Verwaltung aller Schritte des Rohmaterialhandlings. Es bietet Ihnen eine völlig neue Möglichkeit in der Anlagensteuerung und hilft Ihnen, die ständig steigenden Anforderungen an Produktqualität und Kosteneffizienz zu erfüllen.

Wenn Sie Steuerungen benötigen, die auf individuelle Anforderungen angepasst werden können, ist das möglich. Sowohl durch moderne Interprozess-Kommunikation und Datenmanagement auf höchster Stufe, als auch durch verständliche, einfache Bedienung und Überwachung.

Die Steuerungen LUXORnet, VOLUnet, GRAVInet und METROnet zum Trocknen, Dosieren und Mischen, Fördern und Lagern können als Einzelsteuerungen oder im Verbund als integrierte Netzwerklösung betrieben werden. Alle Steuerungen lassen sich mit dem motan WEBpanel, einem farbigen Grafikdisplay mit Touchscreen, auf unkomplizierte Art bedienen. Bei Bedarf können Sie die Steuerungen an das motan LINKnet 3.0 Leitrechnersystem anbinden.

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