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Kurtz GmbH is your competent partner for efficient particle foam processing. Already in 1971 we started the production of particle foam machines. Since then we have been experts in machines for the production of shape mouldings made of EPS, EPP, EPE and E-TPU.

In 48 years we have been building on enormous process knowledge. However, there are applications requiring special solutions. Exactly for such special fields of application Kurtz offers a comprehensive range of machines designed to exactly meet our customer‘s requirements. We do not see our machines as pure production facilities. We rather focus on the optimisation of the production process. Over the years Kurtz has developed many procedures and applied them for patent respectively utility model.

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Kurtz offers the entire product range for the processing of particle foam materials starting from individual machines such as pre-expanders, shape moulding machines, block moulds and cutting lines to associated infrastructure and supply of process media. Solutions with focus on 4.0 ensure high productivity, process reliability and efficiency. State-of-the-art technology provide the decisive advantage for our customers.

Kurtz GmbH is your competent partner for efficient particle foam processing. Since 1971 we have been experts in building machines for the production of shape mouldings made of EPS, EPP, EPE and E-TPU.

Kurtz THERMO FOAMER combining the World of Particle Foam and Injection Moulding

The solution for a shape moulding production of adhesive-like EPP/PP bonded parts with high requirements in terms of surface structures and dimensional accuracy.

The THERMO SELECT process serves in connection with injecton moulding as an upstream foaming process with the aim of enabling a firm, adhesive-like bond between particle foam and thermoplastic components (without the use of adhesives).

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Kurtz POWerBoard – The Path to Predictive

The industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the entire manufacturing industry. Digitized processes, products and services are creating new levels of efficiency. Act early and become a pioneer in your field with Kurtz – with the new digital solution Kurtz POWerBoard! Less unscheduled machine downtime, a more efficient utilization of the entire machine park, and increased service speed are just a few of numerous advantages for you.

Kurtz WAVE FOAMER with Revolutionary Steamless Moulding Process

Materials can be processed that would have to be subjected to far too high steam pressures using well-known foaming technology!

Steamless moulding using radio waves:
• Energy savings of up to 90 %
• High proportion of recycled material e.g. ≥ 70 % in EPS moulded parts
• Processing of high temperature resistant particle foams – fusion temperature up to 250 °C
• Perfect core fusion from inside out
• No expensive media installation necessary

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Despite positive properties such as low weight, high energy absorption and insulation, particle foam components had to cut back on surface quality and assembly options. Here, injection moulding (solid plastic) was advantageous.

The Kurtz THERMO FOAMER now brings together the best of both worlds by using the THERMO SELECT Process as upstream foaming process to create a material-locking bond between particle foam (EPP) and thermoplastic components (PP). The THERMO FOAMER uses 75% less steam, a special EPP part structure and a closed cooling system. The system enables the marriage of particle foam and injection moulding, resulting in the production of sophisticated precision parts with highest surface quality in reproducible quality and large quantities. The application areas for such demanding EPP products are diverse – in addition to automotive (body parts, vehicle interior), medical devices or electronic housings are possible.

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For more than 60 years, little has changed in the processing of particle foams. Since then, the beads have been fusioned with steam, which requires complex installations.

The Kurtz WAVE FOAMER uses a steam-free process to remove previous restrictions. In brief: The foam beads are heated by excitation by means of high voltage in the form of radio waves. An alternating dielectric field causes polar molecule chains to oscillate – the resulting friction generates heat. Polar additives are added to work with a non-polar material.

The technology is suitable for new materials with process temperatures of up to 250 °C (= vapor pressure of 40 bar). Fusioning takes place from inside to outside. This makes it possible to process very compact compression processes and recyclates.

Applications for materials such as PET and polycarbonate are within reach in electromobility or aviation, since they meet high requirements for fire protection and temperature resistance.

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Under the keyword Industry 4.0. Kurtz GmbH offers intelligent products and solutions for all relevant areas in order to enhance process reliability and increase speed and quality of service.

One example is machine monitoring, an application for real-time monitoring of relevant machine and process data. In addition to the pure status display, key figures are visualized in comparison to predefined limit values.

Kurtz´ Remote Service continues with the aim of eliminating faults as quickly as possible. It offers a safe and simple option for remote diagnosis and fast first aid. The Kurtz technician starts a detailed troubleshooting, diagnosis and correction via the gateway.

Kurtz guarantees secure and standardized connectivity between Kurtz systems and the outside world via the Connect Gateway (Edge Device) and the CMS. The Edge Device processes the information obtained and transfers it securely to the Kurtz Ersa Cloud or to customer´s systems.

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