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Kiefel develops, designs, manufactures and supplies machines and plant systems for the processing of plastics, and provides a range of directly-related services. The company offers core expertise in the fields of forming and joining technology. The company is organised into divisions designated to “Appliance Industry”, “Medical Industry”, “Packaging Industry” and “After-Sales-Service”  respectively. Kiefel is active worldwide. We serve the market directly via a network of own sales and service centres and delegated partner organisations.

Products and services

Appliance Industry:
One of the major lines of the Kiefel forming technology is machinery for the production of refrigerator components made of PS or ABS.

Medical Industry:
For producers of bags for medical use, Kiefel offers fully-automatic plastics welding lines based on HF or TC technology, along with high performance filling systems.

Packaging Industry:
Kiefel is a supplier of high performance automatic pressure forming machines, cup forming equipment, high-quality thermoforming tools and automation . Kiefel machineries combine intelligent technology, perfect quality and optimum production rates with low costs.

SPEEDFORMER KMD 78.2 Speed automatic pressure forming machine

The innovative machine series better meets your production needs by enabling tailor-made confi guration with proven modules like up-, down-, tip- and pick&place stacking.
Kiefel Packaging is your reliable partner for turnkey solutions offering you first class thermoforming equipment – cost saving automation – premium steel-rule cutting tools.

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Pick-up Stacker - Stacking solution for cup forming machines

The Pick-Up Stacker (PUS) series is designed to minimize the unloading times of products from the thermoforming machine and to optimize stacking.

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Thermoforming tools

Kiefel Packaging develops thermoforming tools and in our Technology Centers we get them ready for mass production for all standard thermoforming machines and plastic materials such as PP, PS, PE, PET, PLA, etc.

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News & Innovations

KTR 5.2 Speed of KIEFEL: Integrated Optimization for more Quality and Efficiency

Enhancing production and efficiency - the thermoforming specialists at KIEFEL GmbH, Freilassing, have focused on the continued development of the tried-and-tested cup-forming machines for the KTR 5.2 Speed. An integrated approach has allowed Kiefel to succeed in achieving its goals. Christian Stockinger, Head of Engineering & Design at Kiefel Packaging, explains: "The new generation KTR 5.2 Speed excels with higher output, lower energy consumption, and shines with robust machine design and intuitive user guidance. Despite achieving a significant increase in performance, we have not had to increase the footprint."

Optimizations along the entire KTR 5.2 Speed cup-forming system ensure considerable performance enhancements and process improvements: Starting with film transport via the heating, forming station, forming air supply, tool cooling, tooling and tool change through to the new stacking system with downstream automated carton packaging.

Speedformer KMD 78.2 Speed – Launch of a new generation

The Kiefel designers focused on higher productivity, process control and availability, as well as trend-setting intuitive user guidance with considerable added value in operation and maintenance. The heating system is ready for use within a very short time and excels with a 20% higher heating capacity - despite reduced energy consumption! In combination with the servo drives' energy recovery system this leads to considerable energy savings.

The new KMD generation not only saves energy, but film too! A newly developed film feed table safely and gently guides the film to the film transport system. The proven station drives stabilize and work symmetrically. The further optimized forming air vacuum system enables customers to produce superior molded parts. The ergonomic tool change systems can significantly shorten set-up times. The many improvements and details add up to significantly increase the up-time of the KMD 78.2 Speed.

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Kiefel - efficient automation saves on personnel

The thermoforming specialists have launched the SpeedPacker. This powerful module is not only suitable for the Kiefel KMD Speedformer, but is also compatible with other manufacturers’ steel rule cutting machines. The SpeedPacker is a buffering and unloading station that is fully integrated into the steel rule cutting machine. Buffering is key to reducing personnel requirements and achieving tremendous cost savings. The ergonomically optimized SpeedPacker ensures safe operation. The level of the unloading belt can easily be adjusted to the suit the height of the operator. Retrofitting is also possible for machines already in use.

Kiefel machines are modular and can be expanded as required. Various stacking solutions, quality control, and packing units are available. Automation is a considerable success factor for efficient manufacturing and enhanced productivity.

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