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Sustainable, environmentally friendly and economical large pipe system solutions made out of PE and PP.

About us

For generations, the mankind is busy by transporting water/sewer or any other liquids from one point to another point. The challenge was always to assure a conveyance system without fails and leakage. Most pipe failures were occurring on the joints through corrosion or cracks on the rigid inflexible pipe material.

Krah Pipes are made out different grades of pure Polyethylene or Polypropylene who are providing superior properties against corrosion, leakage, pipe displacement and ex-infiltration. In addition to the permanent solution that lasts through generations, the Krah piping system is able to provide a sustainable, environment friendly and economical solution with its wide-ranging fields of applications, f.e. water supply, sewer systems, drainage, storm water management, sea outfalls/intake, manholes and reservoirs.

Krah Pipes GmbH & Co. KG
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57520 Schutzbach

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Products & Services

The Krah Group is a machine manufacturer specialized in plastic pipe production. With our machines, pipes ranging from diameters of 300mm up to 5000mm can be produced. The main applications are sewage, drainage, storage tanks, marine applications, storm drainage and many more. Also, we offer a large number of equipment, such as welding devices, welding extruders, a recycling mill and a manhole fabrication center. Our service doesn't end with shipping a machine to the customer, we also offer after-sales-services and trainings.


The KR Series is the single screw high performance helical extrusion line of Krah, which is a complete plastic pipe production plant, to produce structures wall (acc. DIN16961, etc.) or solid wall pipes (acc. ISO 4427 etc.) on internal diameters from DN 300 mm up to DN 5000 mm made out high density polyethylene or polypropylene. Even fittings, manholes and tanks can be produced with only one single KR Line, to cover more market segments.

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Installing a Krah pipe

Due to the used material, Krah pipes are extremely light-weight and thus easy to transport and install. No additional heavy equipment is needed.

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Mandrel DN/ID3000mm

Production of a DN/ID3000mm pipe.

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